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At the centre of everything we create in our food trucks is our delicious wood fired pizza.

We import our state of the art ovens from Italy to create the perfect Italian style pizzas, cooked fresh to order. We use a true wood fired oven, no gas or electricity, giving you the authentic wood fired taste, with a little char and smokey flavour.

We choose to work with local producers and artisans to provide fresh and authentic ingredients to top your pizza. Our pepperoni comes from a local Brisbane company, who have anded the recipe down across three generations. 

We have been so fortunate to spend time travelling throughout Italy, studying with some of the best pizza makers in the country and experiencing the true craft of wood fired pizza from the experts.

Many pizza enthusiasts believe a wood fired oven is the absolute best way to create the most authentic pizza. Wood fired ovens cook by trapping heat. You do not cook your pizza from the heat of the fire. Instead, you heat up the bricks and walls of the oven, which allows the oven to reach very high temperatures. Pizza ovens are made with layers of insulation and materials that trap the heat inside.

When you learn how to heat a wood fired pizza oven, you appreciate that the oven can get very hot, in fact our Italian imported ovens can cook up to 5 pizzas every 90 seconds at optimum temperature. 

The pizza oven emits three types of heat. The first is the heat of the fire. The second is radiated heat. The dome of the oven gets white-hot after the fire has been burning for a while, and the heat from the dome radiates downward on your pizza to help cook the toppings and create that delicious "cheesy pull" that we all love so much. Finally, the convection heat from the ambient heat inside the oven and the tiles on the floor of the oven bake the pizza base.



Wood fired ovens are different than gas or electric ovens in a few specific ways:

They char and flavor the pizza differently

Gas and electric ovens cook with direct heat. The elements heat up and heat your food. A pizza oven fueled by wood traps heat and heats indirectly at high temperatures, which creates a charred crust and a rustic, smoky flavor you simply cannot achieve any other way.

They allow for flexibility of flavor

Since a pizza oven will work with different kinds of wood, you can introduce new flavors by changing the type of logs you use. Cherry will create a different flavor than apple wood or other varieties.

They are more authentic

The AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association or Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) publishes rules about what constitutes an authentic Neapolitan pizza. Wood fired pizza ovens are a requirement for authentic Italian pizza made to these regulations.

They result in even heat and a faster cooking time

In a wood fired oven, the pizza takes only minutes to cook and the heat is even because it radiates from the dome, walls and tiles of the oven. The dough is cooked to the perfect texture — crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.